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Настольные лампы

Laideyi 8 светодиодных USB музыкальный двухполюсный Настольные лампы Студия Стенд свет клип на лампа глаз-Средства ухода за мотоциклом свет книга прямая доставка 828

379,87 руб.
535,24 руб. -29%

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информация о продукте

Характеристики товара

  • Источник питания: DC
  • Стиль: Современный
  • Номер модели: Desk Lamps
  • Сертификация: Европейский сертификат соответствия
  • Сертификация: RoHS
  • Сертификация: Обязательный сертификат КНР
  • Материал корпуса: Алюминиевый
  • Материал корпуса: Железо
  • Гарантия: 1years
  • Материал: Сплав
  • Источник света: Светодиодные лампы
  • Тип основания: Клиновидный
  • Входят ли лампочки в комплект: Да
  • Особенности: Dual Flexible Double Goosenecks Clip-On Arm
  • Можно ли затемнять: Нет
  • Бренд: LAIDEYI
  • Тип переключения: Кнопочный выключатель
  • Тип рассеивателя: АБС-пластик
  • Тип товара: Светильники стола
  • Напряжение: 3.5-4.5V
  • Отделка: No
  • Color: Black
  • LED: 4LED Per Rod, 8LED In Total
  • The Lumen Of 1LED: 6-7LM, Light 48-56LM
  • Power Supply: 3 AAA Batteries/Power Supply With The USB Cable
  • Color Temperature: 5500K-6000K
  • Packing: Neutral Color Box
  • Uses: Desktop Lamp, Music Book Lights
  • Sale ways: Retail, Dropshipping, Wholesale
  • Features1: Book Light
  • Features3: Night Light,Desk Lamps
описание продукта

8LED USB Double Pole Small Eye-care Lamp 360 Degrees Rotation Clip Light


Product Features:

Using two straw hat LED lights, no need to replace, do not hurt the eye. The lamp pole of hose can be rotated in 360 degrees for lighting needs in all directions. It's compact and beautiful. It's designed with an USB port/a power jack, thus it's easy to carry. It's appearance is simple & fashionable, and it can be a supplementary device for the computer and an optimal gift.

Product Parameters:

1. Double rod 8LED clip light, color of goods in stock is black (other colors can be customized), with USB cable.
2. 4LED per rod, 8LED in total
3. The lumen of 1LED: 6-7LM, light 48-56LM
4. Power supply: 3 AAA batteries, or power supply with the USB cable
5. Color temperature: 5500K-6000K
6. Power interface: 3.5V-4.5V
7. Packing: neutral color box

Product Introduction:

Instructions for use:
1. Adjust the clip to accommodate it to clamp objects with different thicknesses.
2. The light pole can be adjusted to the desired angle and shape to meet all-directional lighting needs.
3. In the battery-powered state, the power supply will be replaced as you insert in the DC plug directly, and the battery wire will be cut off automatically. There is no need to remove the battery. After unplugging the DC, the battery power will be restored, and you can press on the button to turn on the light.
4. Uses: it can be used as the desktop lamp, music book lights, book folder lights, and night fishing lights for hooking bait

Power supply:

1.AAA battery X3
2. Power adapter output DC 4.5V (adapted to 110-220V city power input)
3.USB DC (can be connected to the computer USB jack directly through the cable for power supplying)


1. Do not look into the LED lights that have been lit directly.
2. If you will not use it in a long time, please unplug the power and remove the battery.