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  • Welcome to SkoTeRy store, for the integrity of our business philosophy, and serve as customer service for the purpose. 
    We always believe details achievement success or failure. Close to SkoTeRy in here, we give you unique commitment, We make the right batteries for your good life
  • SkoTeRy Batteries shine bright even after storage. They are perfect for high-power, high-drain devices.
  • Some rechargeable batteries permanently lose capacity after long-term storage, resulting in reduced runtime.
  • Your SkoTeRy Batteries maintain their capacity for years.
  • With a low self-discharge technology, your batteries can sit for years and still be ready when you need power. For the best performance, store fully charged batteries at about 68°F/20°C.
  • High-Capacity Ni-MH Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries provide the extra power you need. Whether for professional or everyday use, a longer runtime is just one perk of these high-quality, reliable batteries.