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Dear customer friend, welcome to our shop to choose your favorite products.

Our shop sales of color is the color of the resin itself resin products, all products are need buyers grinding assembly and painting, you need to be aware that you receive the products from time to time there will be bubbles, or bending, please don't worry, these are normal phenomenon, we tell you a method, is very simple, you can put the curved parts in hot water, or use the ram air blow, curved parts will be straightened; Of course, we also believe that small bubbles are not a problem for you and are very easy to deal with.

After you receive your package, if you have any questions, please leave a message at once. Please be assured that we will be responsible for your order.

If you are satisfied with our goods and services, please be sure to give us 5 stars. Thank you for your trust and support!

Thank you again for your coming. Please feel free to contact us whenever you need. We will reply you immediately after we see your message!


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